Children in Conflict with the Law transformed into individuals with improved self-image and normal psycho-social functioning; able to cope with and adjust in family and community and can live a more productive life.


  • Provision of protection and parental care to CICL
  • Provision of education (formal and non-formal and other opportunities for them to acquire and enhance social, intellectual and occupational skills for an improved well being.
  • Enhance the youth’s self-esteem and coping capabilities
  • Instill values on love of God, work, self, country and fellowmen.
  • Collaborate among GOs, NGOs, POs and other sectors for the implementation of rehabilitative services for youthful offenders towards their normal psychosocial functioning


To enable the CICLs who cannot undergo rehabilitation in the community to benefit from an intensive treatmentof their deviant behavior and anti-social attitudes in a residential setting; and prepare him for successful adjustment with his family and community after discharge

Specific Objectives

    • To provide protection and substitute parental care to CICLs;
    • To assist the CICL in gaining insight into his behavior and attitudes & redirect counter productive behavior patterns;
    • To enhance the CICL’s coping capabilities and trust on others;
    • To provide opportunities for the CICLs to acquire social and occupational skills and an improved self image; and
    • To facilitate disposition of cases in court and integration with family and community



Provides intervention that seek to restore / develop social functioning of the residents from admission to discharge and, prepare him for family reunification and community integration.


Enables the CICL to learn household chores such as cooking, cleaning, making beds, etc; Instilling of positive values in relation to home-based roles.


Provides opportunity for formal, non-formal and special education in preparation for discharge from the center


Provide youth opportunities to understand themselves better, Includes conduct of psychological testing upon admission of the CICL; Psychiatric treatment; Results are used; as basis for individual and group sessions.


Geared towards hastening the physical development of the CICL; Includes medical and dental services to enable the youth to attain physical well being that contributes to their personality development and sense of security.


Provision of skills training, entreprenuerial or business management exposure and direct experiences in productivity or livelihood projects; Instilling of appropriate work ethics and values relevant to the work when they are finally discharged.


Includes both indoor and outdoor activities such as sports, painting, reading and television watching to enables the CICL to practice discipline, sportmanship and know how to relate with others. Cultural activities are also integrated to instill nationalism.


Exposure to activities that promote sense of social responsibility such as leadership training, group worksand other group experiences; enables them to have planning and management skills that would be useful after their discharge.

 Factors facilitating rehabilitation:

  • Therapeutic sessions, socio-cultural activities
  • Education – formal schooling
  • Life skills development
  • Family Support
  • LGU intervention to families
  • Staff support and interactions
    Regular rehabilitation team meeting, case conferences, family dialogues and homevisits

Advocate for the CICL and the children as a whole:

  •  Particpate in the policy formulation and implementation of Juvenile Justice System
  • Promote the establishment of residential facilities for CICL or Group Homes
  • Promote family programs to prevent juvenile delinquency
  • Be a foster parent
  • Be a sponsor of a CICL



SWO V – OIC Center Head