Haven for the Elderly


A leading residential care facility in the country offering excellence in all its programs and services for senior citizens.


Guided by the Department’s mandate as a social welfare agency, the Haven for the Elderly is committed to:

  1. Provide high quality and client-centered social protection services in which their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and responded by a competent, results based and values driven (trustworthy, patient, caring, and compassionate) employees/staff.
  2. Be known as model center for senior citizens that pursue highest standards and adopts innovative and proactive approaches in:
    • Managing care and providing services;
    • Facilitating transitions across levels of care;
    • Community partnerships and collaboration;
    • Advocacy efforts.


To promote a wholesome environment that provides quality programs and services, care for the abandoned, neglected, homeless and unattached senior citizens while at the center.


  1. To provide rehabilitation services that would enhance and or maintain/sustain their physical, social, emotional and mental functioning.
  2. To conduct activities that would harness their vocational skills geared towards enhancing capability/capacity for productivity.
  3. To provide venue or opportunities to participate in community affairs, social and recreational and cultural activities to sustain feelings of belongingness and combat feelings of isolation, alienation, and emptiness.
  4. To access the senior citizens to other social welfare agencies that can provide appropriate services responsive to their needs when necessary.
  5. To facilitate for their eventual re-integration to their own family, foster family or in a group home.
  6. To provide venue for field exposures and training facility in social work, nursing, nutrition and other allied professionals.
  7. To conduct researches and studies on effective strategies, innovations, approaches and techniques along social/vocational rehabilitation of older persons.



SWO III – Center Head

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