Valentines at Haven for Women

The Regional Haven for Women, a residential center that provides care and protection to abused women, celebrated Valentine’s last month with a goal of making everyone in the center feel the greatness of being in-love and being loved.

For one whole day, the staff and residents felt the ambiance of Love through a simple celebration that includes games, singing, dancing, exchanging of love notes and even sending of love letters to love ones who are far away.

According to Ms Florita Herminigildo, head social worker of the center, activities that are interaction-focused are an important part of any client’s rehabilitation process, most especially among victims of especially difficult circumstances.

Activities such as this – Valentine’s day celebration, are forms of socialization that enable the residents to cope with the stresses caused by being separated from their loved ones, being abused and exploited.  These activities also serve as a venue to release boredom,” Herminigildo said.

The highlight of the activity was the affirmation of birthday celebrants.  Staff and residents greeted and gave good wishes to all February celebrants.

The Regional Haven for Women, which is located in Rosario, Batangas, is a residential facility managed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development.  It provides protective and rehabilitative services to women who are victims of exploitation and abuse – physically, sexually and emotionally.  To date there are at least 20 residents in the said institution. report from F. Herminigildo***